It has seriously been almost over a month since I have last blogged!! I’m sorry for not keeping this blog very updated, but after awhile I just forget to keep all of you informed, but I will be home soon so I figure I will just tell you the great experiences in person :). Wow, time has really flown by!!! I can’t believe in about 10 days I will be getting on a plane to go home. Time has really went by fast here!! It seems just like yesterday I woke up at my aunt Mia’s house in SL got in the car with my mom, lyndsi, Oaklie, Alex, and Brandi and headed for the airport. I could hardly wait to start my adventure. Now it’s coming to an end, and it’s really all bitter sweet. Sad to leave all the great people I met and made a huge impact on my life, but good because I’m over excited to see all of you (I had to count sheep last night in bed to get me to fall asleep, no lie. I kept thinking about coming home and being with friends and family….and eating costa vida…). But I will type a lot more about that when I’m on the plane heading home, I have 17 hours to talk about what an experience china has been for me, so I will post that blog when I am home.
It seems like I have been incredibly busy lately, lots of hanging out with teachers, American friends, and crazy foods (might as well eat the weirdest things while I can right??). So here’s some memories that I have made over this past month
-little boy peeing his pants in my class because he was so excited about doing the hokey pokey, or because he was too lazy to just go. You be the judge of that
-eating turtle, pigs blood, goose kidney, goose bowel, goose liver, and duck kidney. They also offered us to eat pigs stomach and pigs tripe, but we thought it would be best to not try that one
-going to a club in Zhenjiang with our good friend lyne and her husband. Club stories never end well, we will leave it at that
-we went to another wedding and watched the bride and groom kiss for like 3 minutes on stage. Best wedding kiss I had ever witnessed
-teaching kids about christmas. It really has been such a fun lesson to teach. They all get so excited about it.
-having my hair pulled out after class because one boy thought he might make a blonde wig…not really. But her probably could have with all of the hair he kept pulling out.
-going to lyne’s house and hanging out with her family. It really felt like home. We watched some basketball AND got to sit on a rug that was like carpet. They don’t have carpet anywhere here, so when they had that giant rug we were more than thrilled
-coming home in a taxi and hitting a man on his bike, running him completely off the road, and nearly throwing him into the Yangtze River. He came back yelling at the taxi man, but no emotion from the taxi man. He just kept his eyes on the road and didn’t even acknowledge he was there he was a safe taxi driver
-hanging out with the cutest 3 year old cocoa. I seriously want to take her home
-introducing the Chinese to sour foods, since they don’t have like ANY here. Their faces were priceless as we made them eat a sour skittle
-going to Zhenjiang and meeting the nicest man, Steven. We were having a hard time getting a taxi, so Steven came over and helped us get one. People really are gat here
Those are just a few of the great memories, but it’s all I could think of right now. What a blessing it is to be here. Tomorrow we are going to cook our Chinese friends French toast, eggs, and hash browns….mmmm. Friday lyne and Linky are taking us to Pizza Hut in Zhenjiang. Then Sunday we are leaving for Xi’an to go work in an orphanage until Thursday. That is where I will celebrate my Christmas, so I’m way excited about that. Then the next Monday I go home!
Shout out to lyndsi and Stetson who just had their baby girl today!! So excited for them. I haven’t actually seen pictures yet, but I’m sure she is beautiful!! Riata Lee, welcome to the family, I can’t wait to meet you!